Brief review on Apple’s Home Automation App “Home”

This month Apple released its own home automation app called “Home”.   Home works as a central location to control all your HomeKit devices.
Apple is catching up to its competitors Samsung (SmartThings), Amazon (Echo) among others.

Still, none of them can act as a complete A-Z solution if you really want a Secure, Smart and Automated Home with an advanced set of rules.

As of today, here are some “pros and cons” on Apple’s Home App:

Siri Voice Commands
Installation is relatively easy
Control your devices from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Watch.
End-To-End Encryption

Only work with iOS Devices from Apple
Poor connectivity range
Unable to control your alerts/notifications
Not all devices can send alerts/notifications
Very short list of devices to choose from
Only devices certified as “homekit” will work
Only Basic control over your scenes
Only Basic control over your triggers
Only Basic access security settings, non-granular
No Video Recording
No Advance Scene management
Lack of door lock separate access pins (maid, kids, neighbor)
No Energy Consumption Reporting
No user or device log/history
Max devices 50 (not yet been confirmed)
Max scenes 10 (not yet been confirmed)
No option to more than 1 home (ex. home, beach house, office)
You must have Apple TV (4th gen.) or an Ipad to control your devices while out of home

This is still something new for Apple but for sure in the upcoming years HomeKit will more likely be a dominant player in this Market.